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Wyoming License # 125
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Utah License # 6317857-2501

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Psychological Counseling & Leadership and Teamwork Training in Jackson, WY

About Dr. John P. Thorn

Following 12 years in the University setting, I moved to Jackson as Clinical Director for Van Vleck House (Teton County Youth and Family Services) and the opportunity to pursue my dream of developing a wilderness based treatment facility: Red Top Meadows. With that dream having become a reality, and deciding to leave the public sector, I formed and worked in a group practice, Human Resource Associates, for nearly two decades. The group practice was closed in 1998 and I pursued a few market research projects and advanced training in EMDR and opened my solo private practice in 1999, (dba Creative Solutions Consulting, LLC).


In my work as a psychologist, whether as psychotherapist, professional life coach, consultant or market researcher, I have had many opportunities to learn from and share my understanding of man and his challenges in life with a wide variety of individuals and groups. I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and discuss ways in which I might assist you, your family, business or association, discover the natural bridges from your dreams to reality.

Today my psychotherapy services benefit adolescents, seniors, couples and families. I specialize in the treatment of anxiety, depression, PTSD, addictions, pain management, sleep issues, relationship enhancement and challenges of modern life . My specialty services include cognitive behavioral therapy, eye movement desensitization & reprocessing (EMDR), and hypnosis.

Allow yourself a moment to explore the opportunities I provide for you, your family, your business, or your association, to discover the bridges from your dreams to a new reality. I look forward to helping you discover the natural bridges between your dreams and your reality.

We All Need a Guide…
Wyoming sceneryWhatever our goals may be in life, love, career, business or family, we sometimes seem to lose our way. Instead of the joy and excitement we know awaits us, we feel stuck; eddied out in life’s river and sense time is just passing us by. Other times the tumultuous pressures of modern life simply seem overwhelming.

We all need a supporting partner who understands where we are trying to go. Someone to give us a push back into life’s steady stream to get us started again; to help keep our canoe straight and stable through the occasional rapids and our progress sure and steady. I’d love the opportunity to be that someone for you.

I draw upon more than forty years in the practice of psychology across a broad range of settings  and purposes to help my clients identify their goals, obstacles, strengths and talents and support their progress through the creative application of psychological principles and “procedures”.

As your Life Coach, it is my role to help you identify your strengths, to help you build upon them and to assist you to optimize the way you play your game in life.

 I offer a professional, confidential relationship in which we will explore and clarify your goals in life.

We will work together in an open and honest manner to identify the steps you can take to make your dreams reality. We will capitalize on your strengths and talents, develop a new awareness of the steps that you can take and create new strategies for you to use to get around or over the hurdles life has set before you.

As your coach, I see the world from a different angle.  My forty years of experience as a psychologist has prepared me to ask the questions that will help you find new and better answers; a better way. You already know the answers; the pivotal turning point questions have simply not yet been asked. When asked and explored, your answers will provide you new perspectives on the path to your goals and some useful new tools to carry with you as you continue on your journey.

Contact me online or call directly at 307-690-6006 for more information today.

“Sensitive, compassionate, understanding, and dedicated.” – Janet B

Scenic-Wyoming-1Enjoy and learn from a Discovery Experience created specifically to meet your wishes and goals for yourself, your family, organization, association, or group.

I custom design each Discovery Experience to facilitate your interaction with Nature, to integrate your experience and enhance your “inner-actions” and fostering a new level of personal awareness and self-appreciation. You will also discover ways to share your experience with others in a meaningful way and to optimize your communication with others in your group. The full measure of group synergy; amplified by the beauty and energy of Nature around us reinforces lessons learned while creating indelible memories of the people, places and events of your Discovery experience.

Mother Nature is a wonderful teacher. Long impressed by the wisdom garnered by the ancients, who lived closer to Her bosom and the lessons they have shared, I weave many of their concepts and symbols throughout the fabric of your experience.

Discovery Experiences are available in The Tetons of Northwestern Wyoming (Jackson Hole), The Red Rock environs of Southeastern Utah (Moab), The Enchanting land and beauty of New Mexico (Santa Fe) and in the amazing island beauty of Hawaii.

Nature is everywhere for those with eyes to see. I have also provided Discovery Experiences in such diverse environments as New Orleans, Kansas City, Salt Lake City and Washington’s Crossing, Delaware. Whether we are to use your place, one of mine, or somewhere else, I hope you will contact me soon to begin exploring how Discovery can serve you.

Call John today at 307-690-6006 for more information.

“Intelligent and creative in helping me develop new personal tools to make the changes needed to make the life changes I needed to succeed.” – Michael W

“John’s outside-the-box approach to learning about myself and my function within my organization was both refreshing and effective.” – Cory C

Market Research
Scenic-Wyoming-3Our unique network of marketing professionals brings the knowledge, talent and experience of seasoned experts in business, marketing, branding and advertising together with the professional psychologist’s understanding of human emotions and behavior. Interview skills, honed through forty years of clinical practice, enables us to reach a deeper understanding of the needs, values and motivations driving consumer behavior and brand loyalty.

This unique combination of skills and experience allows us to design innovative, effective and efficient research models.

We Design & Facilitate research conducting in-depth focus groups, and individual interviews – in person, on the telephone, or via the internet.

We Analyze consumer input revealing the deeply held values connecting the consumer to our clients’ goods or services.

We Apply our findings to our clients’ plans of action to optimize, name recognition, brand positioning and brand loyalty. Our relationship with our clients does not end with the research report. Our combined experience and expertise can work with you to see the entire marketing plan through to execution, always keeping your consumers’ desires and values central to the effort.

Call John today at 307-690-6006 for more information.

“The most effective, focus group interviewer I ever met; a real ‘Human Can Opener’.” – Jeff L

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1992 - WY Psychologist of the Year
1994 - APA Karl F. Heiser Award
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